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770 Nonprofit organizations in Lakewood, NJ 08701
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A F I03  
A Findlay Geddes And Mildred K Geddes Charitable Foundation Inc03$540,810$11,291
Aaa Chesed Charitable Foundation03$10,207$500
Aar Charitable Foundation03$333,556$100,097
Advanced Mila Studies Inc03  
Agudath Israel Of Lakewood New Jersey Community Services Inc03$400,027$1,250,343
Ahavas Tzedaka Inc03$17,403$1,271,222
Aim Habonim Inc03$68,585$192,001
Ais Lirpoh Inc03  
Aish Hatorah Inc03  
Aleh Yosef Inc03  
All Saints Community Center Charitable Foundation Inc03$69,999$70,002
Alumni Shidduch Alliance Inc03  
Amateur Athletic Union Ov The United States Inc03  
American Center For Civil Justice Religious Liberty & Tolerance Inc03$2,673,382$283,279
American Foundation For Jewish Education Inc03$2,239$69,975
American Friend Of Aguidath Chaye Torah Inc03  
American Friends Of Amaleh Shel Torah Inc03$11,772$267,047
American Friends Of Birkas Rifka03$37,239$75,956
American Friends Of Dass Yosef Inc03  
American Friends Of Dvar Avraham Inc03  
American Friends Of Educational Center Messila Baarava03$11,681$3,840
American Friends Of Hatzolah Beit Shemesh Inc03  
American Friends Of Heichel Mosheinc03  
American Friends Of Irgun Tomchei Torah Kollelei Ramot03$51,615$228,191
American Friends Of Kollel Mishnas Rabbeinu Inc03  
American Friends Of Kollel Ruach Chaim03  
American Friends Of Kollel Shaarei Simcha Inc03$68,642$741,353
American Friends Of Kollel Yehuda Aryeh Inc03  
American Friends Of Machleidaaf Inc03$2,757$65,629
American Friends Of Magen Lecholeh Inc03$235,349$250,980
American Friends Of Mosdos Montreal Inc03  
American Friends Of Rabbinical College Of Telzstone Inc03$74,862$9,953,026
American Friends Of Rabbinical Colleges Of Natanya03$119,707$88,374
American Friends Of Rinat Aharon Inc03$5,441$236,776
American Friends Of Sunderland Kollel Ltd03$210$93,424
American Friends Of The Great Yeshivas Chevron Geulah Inc03$10,854$89,219
American Friends Of The Jerusalem Kollel03$119,094$298,587
American Friends Of Yad Layeled03$733,610$179,862
American Friends Of Yad Trudy03  
American Friends Of Yeshiva Aish Hatorah Inc03$131$1
American Friends Of Yeshiva Da Aschochma Inc03$3,502$161,401
American Friends Of Yeshiva Halacha Lmoshe Inc03 $274,163
American Friends Of Yeshivas Aliyois Eliyahu Inc03$3,487$111,063
American Friends Of Yesod Hatorah Inc03$25,207$205,241
American Friends Of Yikar Mordechai Inc03  
American Institute For Jewish Education03$70,805$109,356
American Legion19$257,931$233,973
American Legion Auxiliary19  
American Theological Center Corp03  
Anthony L Marzarella Memorial Foundation Inc03  
Arc Ocean County Chapter03$12,024,608$21,892,851
Arsa Memorial Fund03  
Association For Advancement Of Education Inc03  
Ateres Batsheva Inc03  
Ateres Tzipora03$112,995$964,919
Ateres Zekainim Inc03  
Ateres Zevulun Institute Inc03  
Atlas Family Foundation03$96,900$100,007
Autism & Rahabilitation Institute Of New Jersey Inc03 $186,104
Avnei Kodesh Inc03  
Avos Ubanim03  
Bahais Of Lakewood Township03  
Bais Chinuch L Bonos Bayis Ruchel03  
Bais Elchonon Inc03  
Bais Hamedrash Of Westgate Inc03  
Bais Havaad Linyonei Mishpat03$43,913$154,602
Bais Kaila Torah Preparatory High School03$1,821,290$1,678,421
Bais Medrash Bais Yitzchok Inc03  
Bais Medrash Kol Yehuda Inc03  
Bais Medrash L Torah Inc03$83,079$711,769
Bais Medrash Ltorah Ultifila03  
Bais Medrash Mayan Hatorah Inc03$3,302,872$896,842
Bais Medrash Of Albert Corp03  
Bais Medrash Of Central Jersey Inc03  
Bais Medrash Of East Raintree Inc03  
Bais Medrash Of Lakewood Commons03  
Bais Medrash Of Willow Court Inc03  
Bais Medrash Toras Chesed Inc03$3,104,067$1,398,968
Bais Medrash Zichron Chaim Inc03  
Bais Pinchos03  
Bais Reuven Kamenetz Of Lakewood Inc03$1,961,678$1,299,365
Bais Rivka Rochel Inc03  
Bais Shaindel03$1,892,830$1,796,274
Bais Shalom Joseph03  
Bais Tova Inc03$19,931,135$5,683,618
Bais Vaad Lchachomim Charitable Foundation03$41,705$408,604
Bais Yaakov High School Of Lakewood Inc03$3,203,488$1,898,579
Bais Yaakov Ohel Esther Inc03  
Battleground Centennial Benevolent Association Inc08  
Beacon Health And Social Services03$25,099$202
Bedrock Liberty Foundation Inc03$2,378,658$1,000,000
Beis Din Tzedek Of Lakewood Inc03$603$102,212
Beis Medrash Of Coughlin St03  
Benevolent & Protective Order Of Elks Of The Usa08$103,530$133,780
Bensalem Kollel Synagogue And Outre Ach Center03  
Beth Jacob Bnos Chayil Inc03  
Beth Medrash Govoha Of America03  
Beth Medrash Govoha Of Lakewood Inc03$23,043,448$3,997,929
Beth Medrash Govoha Of New York03$649,693$2,711,404
Beth Medrash Lomdei Torah Inc03  
Beth Medrash Of Asbury Park Inc03$2,734,356$896,048
Beyond The Lines Inc03$1$22,445
Bezalel Hebrew Day School & Jewish Center03  
Bias Yaakov Council Inc03  
Bikur Cholim Of Lakewood Inc03$349,880$840,916
Bircas Yechezkel Inc03$2,413$255,961
Birchas Yaakov Inc03  
Blacks In Government03  
Blessing For Life Foundation Inc03$52,099$362,000
Blue Stars Mothers Of America03  
Bmg Alumni Inc03  
Bmg Student Aid Fund Inc03$638,980$978,698
Bnei Giborei Yisroel Inc03  
Bnei Levi Inc03$47,044$9,028
Bnos Bais Yaakov Inc03  
Bnos Brocha Inc03$6,495,545$2,094,243
Bnos Esther Malka Inc03$61,753$240,387
Bnos Melech Of Lakewood Inc03$5,908,409$2,626,488
Bnos Rivka Inc03  
Brook Hill Shul A Nj Nonprofit Corporation03  
Bsds Inc03  
Camp Ahavas Torah Inc03$8,714$136,653
Camp Degel Hatorah Inc03$4,875$69,253
Camp Emzee Inc03$11,428$386,390
Camp For Teens03$494$441,942
Catholic Daughters Of The Americas03  
Center For Jewish Identity Inc03  
Center For Jewish Life And Learning03  
Central Committee Knesseth Israel03  
Central Institutions Of Karlin Stolin Inc03$1,889$451,928
Chai 4ever Inc03  
Chai Seminars On Jewish Thought Incorported03  
Chalonei Rokea03  
Charity Of Light Fund Inc03$32,166$83,498
Charles Grunfeld Foundation Inc03$1,644,545$205,819
Chasdei Avos Inc03  
Chasdei Hashem Inc03  
Chasdei Leba Dchaya Inc04  
Chasdei Rivka Rochel Inc03$168,573$14,568
Chasdei Shimon Inc03  
Chasidei Skulen De-lakewood Inc03  
Chaveirim Volunteer Services Inc03$189,917$228,833
Cheder Toras Zev03$2,269,062$1,041,970
Chesed Congregations Of America03  
Chesed Of Lakewood03  
Chesed V Emes Inc03  
Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah Inc03$49,546$372,586
Chevrah Lomdei Torah03  
Chevras Torah Utefilah Inc03  
Chinuch Labanos Inc03  
Chizuk Usa Inc03  
Chofetz Chaim Heritage Of Lakewood Inc03$37$615,887
Choice Housing Corp03$792,314$194,986
Community Lighthouse Inc03  
Community Services Inc Of Ocean County03$432,285$3,013,427
Company Of Music Theater & Dance Inc03  
Cong Agudas Achim Inc03  
Cong Ahavas Chesed03  
Cong Bais T Filah Inc03  
Cong Bnos Devorah Inc03  
Cong Kehillas Hearthstone Inc03  
Cong Keren Zichron Chaim Inc03  
Cong Prospect Park Inc03  
Cong Sanz Of Lakewood Inc03  
Cong Torah Veyirah D Statmar Inc03$451,063$1,767
Cong Yeshiva Bais Yitzchok03  
Cong Zichron Yaakov Yitzchok Corp03  
Cong Zichron Yosef Shmuel03  
Congreation Ateres Avrohom03  
Congreation Yeshiva Bais Yisroel Inc03  
Congregation Ahavas Chesed & Torah03  
Congregation Ahavas Yisroel The Committment Of Jewish Continuity03  
Congregation And Yeshiva Ohr03  
Congregation Anshei Faradayincorporated03  
Congregation Anshei Ridge03  
Congregation Anshei Sfard03  
Congregation Anshei Toras Chesed Of Ocean County Inc03  
Congregation Anshey Ashkenaz Zichron Bgty Inc03  
Congregation Ateres Yisroel03  
Congregation Avreichim Inc03$326,603$27,041
Congregation Bais Avrohom Inc03  
Congregation Bais Elimelech Inc03  
Congregation Bais Halevy Inc03  
Congregation Bais Hamedrash Dov Ber Inc03  
Congregation Bais Hatavshil Inc03  
Congregation Bais Medrash Chayim03  
Congregation Bais Medrash Kerem Shlomo Inc03  
Congregation Bais Meir Inc03  
Congregation Bais Shabsi03  
Congregation Bais Shimon Inc03  
Congregation Bais Shlomo Inc03  
Congregation Bais Yehuda Inc03  
Congregation Bais Yosef Inc03  
Congregation Bas Yisroel Inc03  
Congregation Beer Moshe Of America Inc03  
Congregation Belz Of Lakewood Inc03  
Congregation Berditchev Lakewood03  
Congregation Beth Sholom Vreyus House Of Peace & Friendship Inc03  
Congregation Birchas Chaim Inc03  
Congregation Birchas Yaakov Inc03  
Congregation Bnai Baruch03  
Congregation Bnos Yaakov Inc03$3,472,402$3,394,935
Congregation Chabad Of Lakewood Inc03  
Congregation Chaburas Dirshu Hasheminc03  
Congregation Chai Inc03  
Congregation Chanichei Hayeshivos Inc03  
Congregation Chavrei Hakollel Inc03  
Congregation Chevra Shas Inc03  
Congregation Chizuk Hadas Radichov Inc03  
Congregation County Line Inc03$961,175$116,077
Congregation Damesek Eliezer03  
Congregation Dov V Schmuel03  
Congregation Eitz Chaim Center Inc03  
Congregation Faraday03  
Congregation Forest Glen Inc03  
Congregation Gedulas Central Park Inc03  
Congregation Gur Of Lakewood Inc03  
Congregation Harav Yaakov Moshe03  
Congregation J&m03  
Congregation Jewish Learning Experience03  
Congregation K Hal Zichron Yaakov Inc03  
Congregation Kehilas Yaakov03  
Congregation Kehillas Raintree Inc03  
Congregation Kehilos Yisroel Inc03  
Congregation Keren Taorah Inc03  
Congregation Kesser Bais Yaakov03  
Congregation Khal Chasidim03  
Congregation Khal Kodesh Inc03  
Congregation Khal Lev Avrohom Inc03  
Congregation Knesses Bais Levi Inc03  
Congregation Kol Aryeh Of Lakewood03  
Congregation Kol Shimshon Inc03  
Congregation Kollel Bais Sheftal Yekusiel03  
Congregation Kollel Inc03  
Congregation Kollel Zichron Binyamin Yosef Inc03  
Congregation Lakeview Place Inc03  
Congregation Lev Avoth Inc03  
Congregation Livingston Community Kollel Inc03  
Congregation Lutzk Inc03  
Congregation Maalos Hatorah Inc03  
Congregation Machzikei Hadas Of Bethlehem New Hampshire Corp03  
Congregation Mekor Hatorah03  
Congregation Menachem Zion Inc03  
Congregation Meor Hatefillah03  
Congregation Meoros Nosson Inc03  
Congregation Mikor Hatorah03  
Congregation Mikva Toba Of Lakewood03  
Congregation Mikvah Taharah03  
Congregation Minchas Jehuda03  
Congregation Mishkan Hatorah Inc03  
Congregation Mishkan Shlomo Inc03  
Congregation Nachalas Dovid Inc03  
Congregation Nachlas Yisroel Inc03  
Congregation Ner Moshe03  
Congregation Ner Yisroel Inc03  
Congregation Of Chestnut Inc03  
Congregation Of Columbus Avenue03  
Congregation Of Forest Park03  
Congregation Of Pine River Inc03  
Congregation Of Pine River Village03  
Congregation Of Somerset Walk Inc03  
Congregation Of Spruce Street Inc03  
Congregation Of White Oak Estates03  
Congregation Ohavei Torah03  
Congregation Ohel Aharon Inc03  
Congregation Ohr Hamor03  
Congregation Ohr Meir Inc03  
Congregation Ohr Yechezkel Inc03  
Congregation Olam Chesed Inc03  
Congregation Oros Bais Yaakov Of Lakewood03$523,113$1,446,984
Congregation Our Boyz Inc03  
Congregation Presidential Estatesinc03  
Congregation Pri Aharon03  
Congregation Rachmistrivka Inc03  
Congregation Ramat Schlomo03  
Congregation Rivizosephraim03  
Congregation S Y E Inc03  
Congregation Satmar Of Lakewood Inc03  
Congregation Shaare Torah Inc03  
Congregation Shaarei Tvunah Inc03  
Congregation Shay L Yissochor03  
Congregation Shearis Adas Yisroel Inc03  
Congregation Shearith Joseph Inc03  
Congregation Shemen Lmincha Inc03  
Congregation Shteibel Inc03  
Congregation Shul Inc03  
Congregation Sons Of Israel03  
Congregation Sterling Forest Inc03  
Congregation Talmidei Yaabetz03  
Congregation Talmud Torah Corporation03  
Congregation Tamarind Park Inc03  
Congregation Tiferes Avrohom03  
Congregation Tiferes Moshe Yisroel03  
Congregation Tiferes Shmuel Corp03  
Congregation Tiferes Shulem Inc03  
Congregation Tiferes Yisroel Inc03  
Congregation Toldos Yaakov Yosef03  
Congregation Toras Emes03  
Congregation Torath Chaim Raintree Inc03  
Congregation Vayizra Yitzchok Inc03  
Congregation Williams Street03  
Congregation Yeshiva Ateres Mordechai Inc03  
Congregation Yeshiva Even Yisroel03  
Congregation Yeshiva Gedola Of Fair Lawn Inc03  
Congregation Yeshiva Yesodei Torah Inc03  
Congregation Yeshuos Pinchos Inc03  
Congregation Yetev Lev Of Lakewood03  
Congregation Zichron Aryeh Inc03  
Congregation Zichron Aryeh Leib Inc03  
Congregation Zichron Chaim Inc03  
Congregation Zichron Elazar Inc03  
Congregation Zichron Moshe Inc03  
Congregation Zichron Refoel Inc03$284,713$236,358
Congregation Zichron Schneur03$537,935$403,787
Congregation Zichron Yaakov Shalom03  
Congregation Zichron Yisroel Inc03  
Congregation Zichron Yoel Inc03  
Congregation Zichrone Binyamin03  
Congregation Zlatipol Inc03  
Cyh Foundation03$7,050,316$3,028,165
D & T Foundation Inc03$466,240$199,590
David J Beyda Memorial Foundation03$8,660$227,000
David M Levy Family Foundation03$19,582$148,846
David Rosenbaum Family Foundation03$1,703,214$351,384
Deja New Inc03  
Derech Etz Chaim Institutions03$4,942$623,649
Desire Entertainment03  
Destiny Community Development Corporation03$1,466,045$1,414,243
Destiny Foundation03$2,775,912$855,267
Dg Family Foundation Inc03$105,339$1,624
Dhg Foundation Inc03$113,122$30,000
Dirshu International03$48,980$1,917,667
Dovid And Devorah Gelb Charity Fund03$2,921$5,000
Educational Endowment Fund Inc03$23,444,986$4,136,494
Educational Opportunity Fund Inc03$2,500,355$565,431
Eleanor Levovitz Senior Citizens Apartments03$2,481,109$2,260,962
Emanuel Pentecostal Church Of Our Lord Of The Apostolic Faith Inc03  
Emc Foundation03$224,771$275,144
Esh Dat Inc03  
Estonian Archives In The U S Inc03$553,295$64,124
Etz Hayim03  
Eugene & Elaine Zaveloff Charity Foundation03$1$1
Ezekiel Project Inc03$15,191$37,444
Ezra L Yeshua Inc03  
Ezra Lkallah Inc03$1,296$14,523
Ezras Dovid03  
Family Planning Center Of Ocean County Inc03$829,502$1,263,964
Federated Council Of Israel Institutions Inc03  
First Baptist Church03  
Florian J Lombardi Foundation Inc03$426,727$23,860
Freedom Of Religion Inc The American Center For Freedom Of03  
Freehold Kollel Inc03  
Friedberg Genizah Project Inc03$408,964 
Friends Of Acheinu03$3,253$113,125
Friends Of Aderes Hatorah Inc03$305,435$1,927,604
Friends Of Tiferet Tzion Inc03$13,567$778,866
Friends Of Yeshiva Ohr Elchonon Inc03$280,574$521,639
Friends Of@maayanei Torah By Cottel Marseille Inc03  
Gemach Zichron Yaakov Yeshaya Inc03$185,813$31,003
Generations Eldercare Charity A New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation03  
Georgian Court University03$123,459,628$80,677,678
Gestetner Family Charitable Foundation03$461,848$1
Gold Foundation Inc03  
Goldstein Charity Fund Inc03$1,222,189$11,600
Greater Bethel Church Of God In Christ Inc03  
H & F Fund Inc03$324,672$15,434
Haben Yakir A Nj Nonprofitcorporation03  
Hadar Bais Yaakov Inc03$482,229$826,806
Halpern Charitable Foundation Inc03$78,971$51,769
Harrogate Incorporated03$36,726,260$25,579,454
Has Charitable Foundation Tr03$544,136$133,497
Hashkafa Publications Foundation Inc03  
Hatzolah Emergency Medical Services Inc03$2,220,429$1,131,421
Heichal Hatalmud Yeshivath & Talmudical Academy Inc03  
Hisblood Ministries Inc03  
Hogar De Ninos Semillas De Fe Corporation03$5,310$17,735
Holmdel Kiwanis Foundation Inc03$104,217$83,120
Holocaust Jewish Hertiage Institute Inc03  
Hopewell Hospice Foundation Of America Inc03$6,962$40,694
Iglesia Cristiana Misionera Inc03  
Iglesia Pentecostal Maranatha Inc03  
Ilan High School Inc03$6,280,279$3,526,521
Immanuel Lutheran Church03  
Intercessory Tabernacle Ministries Inc03  
J & N Charitable Foundation03$69,743$1
Jacob Herzka Charitable Trust Foundation03$478,827$100,849
Jersey Coast Radio Control Club Inc07$3,278$5,515
Jest Foundation Inc92  
Jewish Charity Review Inc03$47,192$1,192,023
Jewish Education For Girls Inc03$5,294$378,041
Jewish Federation Of Ocean County03$846,036$890,661
Jewish Learning Experience Of Cherry Hill Inc03  
Jewish Life Foundation03$1$1
Jewish Literary Foundation A New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation03$35,489$88,517
Jewish War Veterans Of The United States Of America Inc04  
Jfi Charitable Tr03$10,643,668$7,695,612
Jsp Family Foundation03$186,577$172,856
Judaism Resources Inc03  
Julie S Clayton Foundation Tr03$160,964$1,672
Jy Foundation03$12,078$15,002
Kahal Lomdei Torah Inc03  
Kamenitzer Yeshiva Of Jerusalem Inc03$57,841$516,969
Kars 4 Kids Inc03$5,726,907$28,613,992
Kashrus Council Of Lakewood N J Inc03$60,385$165,029
Katz Family Foundation Inc03$77$5,345
Kehilla New Central Inc03  
Keren Avraham Shmuel Inc03$6,497$67,585
Keren Eitz Chaim Inc03  
Keren Even Habochen Inc03$68,795$413,252
Keren Ezer Lnefesh03$82,646$186,506
Keren Gemilas Chasodim Inc03$349,659$64,348
Keren Hachesed Student Aid Fund03$3,844,143$669,802
Keren Kiryat Sefer Inc03$3,694$502,752
Keren Menashe U Miriam Inc03$107,433$1
Keren Moshe Meir Inc03  
Keren Simcha Foundation03$12,146$25,000
Keren Simchas Kallah03$427,255$322,413
Keren Tov03  
Keren Yehoshua V Yisroel Inc03$2,183,797$4,100,772
Keren Yisroel03  
Keren Zichron Avos Inc03  
Keren Zichron Henya Inc03$9,244$145,395
Keser Torah Radomsk A Nj Nonprofit Corporation03  
Khal Bais Yisroel Inc03  
Khal Bnei Torah Inc03  
Khal Chasidei Viznitz03  
Khal Nachlas Yitzchok Inc03  
Khal Sharei Tefilla Somerset Meadows03  
Khal Ziehron Ben-zion Inc03  
Ki Haim Chayenu03  
Kimball Medical Center Inc03$95,324,155$131,106,924
Kingdom Experience Inc03  
Kingdom Of God Needs Ministry03  
Kinyan Eretz Yisrael Inc03  
Kiolel Bircas Shmuel Inc03$1$109,766
Kiwanis International Inc04$3,331$7,134
Kmh Charitable Foundation03$1$1
Knights Of Columbus08  
Knights Of Columbus08  
Knights Of Pythias Of New Jersey08  
Kolel Zichron Avrohom Inc03$26,958$113,102
Kollel Ateres Shlomo03$22,561$129,736
Kollel Bais Yitzchok Inc03$2,660$84,837
Kollel Boker Zichron Meir Moshe Inc03$1,036$58,018
Kollel Halacha Vhoraah Inc03  
Kollel International Inc03  
Kollel Kehunas Yoel03  
Kollel Nachlas Ahron Inc03  
Kollel Ner Avrohom Inc03  
Kollel Nezikin Inc03$27,802$160,195
Kollel Tzvi Eliezer Bcm Inc03  
Kollel Vasikin Verashbi03  
Kosher Certification Of Lakewood03$35,335$167,209
Kosher Consumers Union Inc03  
La Leche League International Inc03  
Lakewood Chamber Of Commerce06$44,119$126,308
Lakewood Chedar School03$19,476,650$18,735,077
Lakewood Community Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ Of The Apostolic03  
Lakewood Community Service Corp03$1,219,646$2,585,325
Lakewood Development Corporation03$26,515,997$271,441
Lakewood Early Childhood Center Pto03  
Lakewood Economic Action Program Inc03$145,913$3,022,522
Lakewood Estonian Association Inc07$54,853$62,047
Lakewood Fire Department Inc04$109,287$49,030
Lakewood First Aid & Emergency Squad Inc03$109,140$75,431
Lakewood Historical Society Inc03  
Lakewood Jcc Foundation03$31,154$90,000
Lakewood Maennerchor Inc07$182,313$41,386
Lakewood Non-profit Community Collaboration Inc03  
Lakewood Outreach Congregation A Njnonprofit Corporation03  
Lakewood Outreach Ministry Church03$4,459$45,182
Lakewood Police Foundation03  
Lakewood Resource And Referral Center Inc03$7,534,021$14,019,736
Lakewood Sephardic Congregation Inc03  
Lakewood Shomrim Inc03$14,294$73,503
Lakewood Skulener Kloiz Inc03  
Lakewood Talmudical Academy03$4,501$219,389
Lakewood Teachers Seminary Inc03$115,483$287,080
Lakewood Tenants Organization Inc03$4,675,287$939,973
Lcby Inc03  
Lench Charity Tr03$6,531$6,500
Lev Berel Inc03$120,896$211,835
Light Foundation Inc03$56,432$185,600
Limud Learning Center Of Central Jersey Inc03$525,719$1,412,391
Little League Baseball Inc03  
Living Grace Church03  
Living Word Church Inc03  
Lmaan Hashabbos Inc03$12,451$63,256
Louis & Helen Meyer Foundation Inc03$13,767$1,000
Lung Cancer Circle Of Hope03  
M Eichorn Family Foundation Inc03$97,028$1
M S Family Foundation03$2,623,561$166,294
Ma Or Yeshiva High School Inc03$359,227$664,483
Mabas Fund Inc03$362,289$1,846,144
Macedonia Family Life Community Complex Inc03$283,926$53,614
Machon Beer Hatorah Inc03$74,607$232,011
Machon Iyun Halacha Inc03  
Machon Letorah U Lehorah Ah03  
Machon Pri Eitz Chaim Inc03  
Marsan Foundation03$1,515,183$403,711
Masmid Govoha Tr03$11,748$39,023
Masoras Avos Inc03  
Maysharim Inc03$25,215$170,847
Mchon Kisvei R Elya Boruch Inc03  
Mds Charitable Foundation03$591,131$207,993
Me-or Hatorah Inc03  
Menashe & Miriam Frankel And Jacob Lubling Family Charitable Foun Inc03$52,416$1
Mendlowitz Charitable Foundation03$47,332$52,500
Mens Club At The Enclave07  
Meohr Hatalmud03  
Meoros Bais Yaakov Inc03  
Meorot Tr03$1,175$73,552
Mesila Pathway Lakewood03$11,453$83,927
Mesillah Torah Center A Njnonprofit Corporation03  
Mesivta High School Of Bradley Beach Inc03  
Mesivta Nezer Hatorah03$36,732$559,985
Mesivta Ohr Chaim Meir Inc03  
Mesivta Ohr Zarua Inc03  
Metropolitan Multicultural School03$362,196$574,528
Meyer Rosenbaum Family Foundation Inc03$1,050$3
Mikva Tahara Of Long Beach Rd Inc03$156,178$48,657
Mikvah Ohel Blima Inc03  
Miriam Kalmuk Memorial Library Inc03  
Mishkan Avraham Zev Inc03  
Mishkan Hachesed Inc03$148,838$67,451
Mishkan Shimeon Inc03  
Mishkan Yitzchok Corporation03  
Missionary Pentecostal Church Of God Inc03  
Miz Foundation Inc03$438,715$150,000
Ml Charitable Foundation03$10$1
Mns Foundation03$1,083,339$301,858
Monmouth Medical Center Southern Campus Foundation Inc03$6,377,749$1,971,159
Morasha Heritage Lakewood Kiruv Project03$14,104$101,474
Morasha-lehanchil Midor Ldor03$213$86,493
Moreshes B Y Seminary Moreshes Bais Yaakov03  
Motorcycle Training Institute Ofocean County Inc03$69,230$153,770
Nachlas Zvi Heritage Foundation Inc03  
National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People04  
National Association Of Letters Carriers05$14,268$32,656
National Council Of The United States Society Of St Vincent Depau03$26,192$98,103
National Council Of The United States Society Of St Vincent Depau03  
Navi Journey Corp03  
Nefesh Chaya Inc03$60,050$10,186
Nefesh Hachaim Inc03  
Nesivos Shalom Foundation03$183,420$337,123
Netivey Ohr Yaakov Inc03$18,541$130,268
Netzach Yisroel-ezer Nisuin Inc03  
New Jersey Center For Judaic Studies03  
New Jersey Chaplains Association03  
New Jersey Education Association05  
New Jersey Education Association05  
New Jersey Prevention Network Inc03$547,709$2,300,119
New Jersey State Elks Association Charities Inc03$796,233$683,679
New Jersey State Firemens Mutual Benevolent Association04  
New Jersey State Firemens Mutual Benevolent Association04  
New Jersey State Policemens Benevolent Association Inc09$93,684$82,249
New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association06  
New Revelations Faith Ministries Inc03  
Nissim Veniflaot03$10,250$98,869
Nj Hand Inc03$4,137,508$9,003,995
Noah And Linda Foundation03$1,840,740$200,485
Noam Hatalmud03  
Noam Hatorah Inc03  
Oak Knoll Charitable Foundation03$16,389$1
Ocean County Society Of Model Railroaders Inc03 $6,001
Ocean Day School Inc03$59,497$73,790
Ocean Health Initiatives Inc03$9,092,709$14,020,686
Ocean Pet Caring Foundation03  
Ohel Torah03  
Ohr Chodosh Inc03  
Ohr El Medical Care Foundation For Individuals With Special Needs Inc03  
Ohr Habitachon Inc03  
Ohr Hachaylm Inc03  
Ohr Leami03$33,598$72,829
Ohr Mattisyahu Inc03  
Ohr Nosson Inc03$2,740,519$780,502
Ohr Torah Foundation03$184,054$4
Omega 13 Inc03$1$16,500
Oorah Inc03$57,254,442$17,565,980
Open Arms Inc03$1,444$59,073
Order Of The Amaranth Inc Supreme Council08  
Organization For The Furtherance Of Traditional Ideals03  
Original Leisure Village Foundation03$6,210,119$4,850,841
Orot Inc03  
Outreach Group At The Enclave03$2,824$16,558
Park Terrace Charitable Foundation03$187,059$77,500
Partial Care Association Of New Jersey Inc06  
Pearl Blau Learning Center Inc03$172,465$490,100
Peninim Of America Inc03  
Philip & Lena Berger Foundation03$4,340$5,144
Pi Mu Epsilon Inc03  
Pirchei Shoshanim Inc03$23,888$546,356
Pm Refuah Fund Inc03  
Police Athletic League Of The Township Of Lakewood Inc03  
Polish Heritage Center Inc03  
Praise Temple Asbury Park Inc03  
Projects For Environmental Health Knowledge & Action03  
Property Owners Association Of New Jersey06$15,160$183,016
Psi Chi The National Honor Society In Psychology03  
Pure Charity Fund03  
R L F Inc03$474,690$32,839
Rabbinical Seminary Netzach Israel03  
Racheym Inc03  
Rav Shneur Kotler Ztz L Memorial Fund Inc03$344,835$43,766
Rayim Torah Center03  
Reach Parenting Programs Of Nj Inc03  
Real Clear Daf Inc03  
Rebbe Talmid Inc03$47,972$148,980
Recreation And Youth Services Inc03  
Redeemed Christian Church Of God- House Of Glory Chapel03  
Rees Charitable Trust03$333,507$1,349
Rein Foundation Inc03$4,189,846$765,935
Restoration 149203  
Restoration Family Worship Center Inc03  
Revach Vihatzoloh03  
Rio De Vida03  
Ruach Chaim Inc03$1,445,757$2,228,798
Runanyway Foundation03  
Russian Jewish Community Development Fund Inc03$26,577$102,977
Rutgers Learning Network Inc03$10,552$468,240
Saiva Clubs03  
Sam & Michelle Barski Foundation03$36,182$81,500
Sasson Vsimcha-the Center For Jewish Marriage Inc03  
Schapira Family Foundation Inc03$194,875$228,400
Schi Disability Services Inc03$232,500$1,115,231
Schi Early Intervention03$520,996$1,761,492
Scsc Inc03$29,796$948,742
Scw Charitable Foundation03$56,080$60,024
Second Chance For Life Inc03  
Seminary Bnos Chaim03  
Sephardic Bet Midrash Of Westgate03  
Sephardic Bet Yaakov Inc03$972,338$1,688,573
Sephardic Congregation Of Lakewood03  
Services For Children With Hidden Intelligence Inc03$16,456,347$14,858,582
Services For Hidden Intelligence Inc03$5,434,828$966,750
Sff Foundation03$10,195,164$225,266
Shaarei Chesed Inc03  
Sharei Daas Incorporate Inc03  
Shas Chabura Inc03$3,378$75,370
Sheena Foundation03$524,202$1
Shemiras Sedorim Inc03$60,663$1,559,599
Shlez Family Foundation03$100,010$100,010
Shore Builders Association Of Central New Jersey A New Jersey06$203,994$400,355
Shufra Institute Inc03  
Shvarzblat Family Foundation A Njnonprofit Corporation03$460$1
Simcha & Gittel Fund03$337$1
Simchas Kallah Inc03$355,955$489,174
Singer Family Foundation03$100,004$100,004
Sonnenschein Family Foundation03$1$1
Special Children Center03$6,031,443$5,398,883
Special Ed Academy Of Deal Inc03$6,104$871,526
Special Kids Fund Inc03$445,924$1,027,237
Specialty Hospitals Of New Jerseyfoundation Inc03  
Srs Family Foundation03  
St John A M E Zion Church Of Lakewood N J Inc03  
Stability I Inc03  
Strand Ventures Inc03$32,200$619,092
Synagogue Decorum Association03  
Tachbulos-strategies Inc03$14,445$212,065
Tal Torah A Non Profit Corporation03  
Talmud Torah Bais Avraham Inc03$3,013,818$272,636
Talmud Torah Of Lakewood Inc03  
Talmudic Student Benevolent Societyinc03$610,891$44,086
Taryag Foundation Inc03$4,850$180
Taryag Legacy Foundation Inc03$3,712,834$1,071,077
Tashbar Of Lakewood Inc03$3,305,915$2,556,414
Technology Awareness Group03$142,142$440,591
Teen Center For Education And Opportunity Inc03$25,000$3,306,032
Terebelo Family Foundation Inc03$264,030$5,815
The 4e Network A Nj Nonprofit Corporation03  
The Jersey Association For Autistic Children-brainbuilders Inc03$48,267$142,289
The Liebish And Sarah Levin@hecht Charitable Trust03$580$1
The Nochim & Rivka Zeldes03$2,741,880$87,301
The Sorala Foundation03$1,865,732$853,038
Tiferes Avrohom Abba Inc03$1$17,416
Tiferes Bais Yaakov Inc03$10,021,372$2,878,016
Tiferet Moshe Inc03$1,318,224$579,720
Tmc Foundation Inc03$59,728$122,032
Toastmasters International03  
Tomchei Shabbos Dlakewood Inc03$873,698$5,342,496
Tomchei Shabbos Of Lakewood Inc03  
Toms River Jewish Community Center03  
Torah Academy Of Bucks County03  
Torah Institute Of Lakewood Inc03$3,711,909$2,211,042
Torah Temimah Of Lakewood Inc03  
Toras Chesed Inc03$238,901$1,394,264
Toras Imecha Inc03$2,404,540$2,007,848
Tzedakao Gedolah Charity Fund Inc03$76,624$169,093
Tzfat Heritage Foundation A Nj Nonprofit Corporation03  
Ungvar Of Whisper Court03  
United Talmudical Academy Torah Of Lakewood C O Benjamin Isaacs Esq03  
Utility Contractors Industry Advancement Fund06$1,034,107$1,693,737
Vaad Harabbanim Linyanei Tzeduka Inc03$463,078$4,849,621
Victory Tabernacle Of Prayer03  
Women Of Purpose Inc03  
Woodlawn Cemetery Assoc13  
Yad Avrohom Ahron Inc03  
Yad Yisroel Inc03  
Yad Yosef Foundation03$625,295$900,996
Ycb Family Foundation03  
Yemenite Jewish Relief Fund Inc03  
Yes Ben Dovid Foundation Inc03$1$1
Yeshiva & Beth Jacob School Of Midwood Inc03  
Yeshiva Bais Aharon03  
Yeshiva Bais Moshe Inc03  
Yeshiva Bais Yisroel03  
Yeshiva Chayei Olam03$187,698$1,203,837
Yeshiva Gedola Heichal Hatorah Inc03  
Yeshiva Gedola Naos Yaakov Inc03  
Yeshiva Gedola Of Perth Amboy Inc03  
Yeshiva Gedola Of South Jersey Inc03  
Yeshiva Gedola Of Woodlake Village Inc03$1,147,496$1,474,471
Yeshiva Gedolah Emek Bracha Inc03  
Yeshiva Gedolah Keren Hatorah Inc03$616,499$1,163,664
Yeshiva Gedolah Of Brick Inc03  
Yeshiva Gedolah Of Carteret Inc03  
Yeshiva Kinyan Hatorah Inc03  
Yeshiva Kol Chaim Inc03$15,450$130,373
Yeshiva Kol Torah Inc03$2,439,984$1,510,482
Yeshiva Masoras Avos A Nj Nonprofitcorporation03  
Yeshiva Moreshes Yehoshua Inc03  
Yeshiva Nesivos Ohr Inc03$3,831,191$1,416,101
Yeshiva Ohr Yehuda03$464,645$471,747
Yeshiva Orchos Chaim Inc03$15,581,821$8,710,268
Yeshiva Oros Yisroel03$153,434$502,608
Yeshiva Shaar Hatalmud Inc03$778,897$698,035
Yeshiva Shaarei Oorah03$20,048$231,100
Yeshiva Shagas Aryeh03$5,241,117$1,956,453
Yeshiva Shvilay Hatalmud03  
Yeshiva Tifereth Torah Inc03$3,061,796$2,105,544
Yeshiva Toras Aron Inc03$11,696,263$5,712,652
Yeshiva Toras Menachem03  
Yeshivas Beiss Meir03$501,970$504,200
Yeshivas Birkas Sholom Inc03  
Yeshivas Chemdas Hatorah Inc03  
Yeshivas Dvar Torah Inc03$79,948$811,401
Yeshivas Hagram Soloveitchik Inc03$31,695$211,396
Yeshivas Ner Hatalmud03  
Yeshivas Ner Moshe Vdovid Inc03  
Yeshivas Ohr Hatorah Inc03$4,722,373$1,349,331
Yeshivas Ohr Yissochor Academy Inc03$1,211,143$421,002
Yeshivas Reb Chaim Ozer Inc03$674,770$213,131
Yeshivas Toras Chaim Inc03$7,620,749$3,629,327
Yeshivas Toras Chesed03$9,758$76,629
Yeshivat Or Hachaim Of Lakewood Inc03$43,208$323,249
Yeshivath Radin03  
Yeshivath Shaar Hashamaim Of Jerusalem Inc03$53,091$495,693
Yisroel Relief Fund03$17,913$114,143
Youth Education And Transition Services Inc03$1,100$187,658
Zajac Fam Foundation Inc03$471,820$150,000
Zecher Tzadok Gemach Fund Inc03  
Zechus Avos Inc03  
Zeev Hatorah Inc03$68,591$569,372
Zichron Amiel Inc03  
Zichron Avigdor Foundation03$1,538,323$2,302
Zichron Baruch Chasidic Center Inc03  
Zichron Breindal Foundation03$50,000$60,000
Zichron Btz Tzedakah Foundation03$1$1
Zichron Eliyahu Memorial Foundation Inc03$16,202$433,124
Zichron Noach Zev Inc03  
Zichron Shlomo Yonason Fund Inc03$274,325$54,209
Zichron Shneur Chesed Fund03  
Zichron Yehudah Rabbi Yehudah Leib Kagan Memorial Torah Fund03$17,723$419,484
Zichron Yosef Inc03  
Ztm Foundation03$500,434$41,400

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